Masu to open MOA location

27 December 2011

Written by Stephanie March, Mpls St. Paul magazine’s Foodie File. December 27, 2011

I’m stirring from my footy-pajama clad vacation week just to bring you this news, which given my two trips to the Mall of America this past week, seems important.

Masu, the sushi/robata/ramen house of Nordeast is opening a second location in the Mall of America. Funny enough, it is taking over the former Soul Daddy location (which should go down as one of the biggest gaffes of 2012).

Designing firm Shea plans to keep the urban Tokyo vibe, but mash it up a bit more by putting the sushi bar next to the robata grill and kitchen to create a more seamless, interactive food show for the diner. The space isn’t cavernous, there will be about 120 seats. And word has it that the munny dolls will be designed by local artists.

While Stephen Hesse is head chef, Tim McKee continues to consult for the restaurant and one has to wonder what Mr. LBV thinks about feeding the Mall crowd. Being one of them last week, I was overwhelmed by the amount of schlock being eaten. Tiger and Crave have already successfully brought sushi to the mall, maybe Masu can elevate it and create a rightful ramen revolution. I’m only hoping.

Opening is scheduled for early spring of 2012.

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