MASU Roll Win’s 2012 Charlie Award for Outstanding Restaurant Item

30 November 2012

Masu Roll

2012 Charlie Award Results

The Charlie Awards recognizes the exceptional contributions of the Twin Cities metro area food and restaurant industry, including:

• Restaurants
• Corporations and businesses (e.g. food suppliers, vendors, retailers, wholesalers)
• Institutions (e.g. hospitals and schools)
• Beverage manufacturers and suppliers (e.g. breweries, wineries, distillers, coffee, beer and wine crafters)
• Culinary schools
• Chefs
• Restaurant staff (e.g. wait staff, bartenders, maitre de, pastry chef)
• Bartenders
• Food Trucks
• Coffee Shops

The awards consisted of two components – individuals and businesses honored by their peers and outstanding food recognized by the public and industry leaders. Awards for individuals and businesses were determined by a vote of all restaurants participating in the Charlie Awards. Each restaurant participating had one vote in the following categories, with the individual/business having the most votes in each category receiving recognition:

Lifetime Achievement
Community Hero
Neighborhood Hero
Outstanding Chef
Outstanding Emerging Chef (a professional working for less than five years)
Outstanding Service
Outstanding Restaurateur
Outstanding Restaurant
Outstanding Restaurant Item
Outstanding Food Truck Item
Outstanding Interior Design
Outstanding Pastry Chef
Outstanding Bartender
Outstanding Local Craft Brew
Outstanding Cup of Coffee

Food receiving recognition was determined by both the public and a panel of experts. Any non-
franchised restaurant or food truck was eligible to enter one food item they believed was representative of their establishment. The food items were grouped in the following neighborhoods:

Downtown Minneapolis
Northeast Minneapolis/North Metro
South Minneapolis/South Metro
St. Paul/East Metro
Twin Cities West Metro
Food Trucks

Any member of the general public was invited and encouraged to vote online for their favorite food item.  The two food items in each neighborhood receiving the highest number of votes became nominees.
A panel composed of local multi-industry professionals evaluated each submitted item, and then selected one food item in each neighborhood to be recognized at the Charlie Awards.

The panel consisted of professionals from the following industries:
Culinary Arts Schools
Wholesale Food Producers
Institutions (i.e. Hospitals, Corporations, Schools)
Public Members (i.e. Enter to Win contests, etc)


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