Pear Pressure at Masu Sushi & Robata: Give in to this drink of the week

11 November 2013

By Kelly Moritz Fri., Nov. 1 2013

Masu’s Pear Pressure is ripe and ready for the picking. 

Pear Pressure
Masu Sushi & Robata

Even the frenetically blinking lights of the pachinko parlor can’t outshine the top notch Japanese cuisine at Masu Sushi & Robata, chock full of ramen, sustainable fish, and really good stuff on sticks. A menu this brilliant begs for a drink lineup of equal or greater value, and Masu’s cocktails — thoughtful, handcrafted, and built to stand up to explosions of flavor and texture — do not disappoint.

You could kick things off with a quick gummi bear-inspired shot of shochu, which our bartender described as “stronger than sake, weaker than vodka,” or a house-infused ginger-ginseng whiskey shot, before diving in with reckless abandon to one of the crown jewels of Masu’s revamped cocktail list, Pear Pressure. Created by bar manager Christa Robinson, this sweet and juicy beauty combines Grey Goose La Poire, Cointreau, and pear puree. One sip, and resistance is futile.

A squeeze of fresh lime tarts things up and transports the oh-so-seasonal pear from its place on the holiday table to something you can sip all year round. Alongside a healthy helping of the firecracker roll or a skewer stacked with rich, searing hot bacon-wrapped quail eggs, the Pear Pressure provides a soothing, cooling counterpoint to all that savory salt and spice.

If restraint has been exercised, the garnish becomes your sweet reward: a beautiful slice of Riesling poached pear, fragrant and flecked with vanilla bean. Savor it as the late night crowd floods in and watch new energy crackle around the room.

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