Masu Sushi and Robata’s Ramen Places Second On Top 5 Ramen List

24 February 2014

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s Top 5 Ramen

Written by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, CBS Minnesota. February 24, 2014

Sodium-filled, crunchy noodles that used to come in foam containers and that cost less than a can of soda. That would be the ramen noodles “Gen Y” kids made famous over the last couple of decades. Yes, the poor college kid making their dinner of choice. Just add water and you have a meal in a coffee cup.

It’s a shame in some ways, because the actual ramen that brings it back to it’s Japanese roots is about the most comforting, delicious and filling noodle meal this side of chicken noodle soup. Rich, flavor-filled and ubiquitous on the other side of the globe, Minneapolis and St. Paul now has a bevy of places looking to show you the way.

So while we slip and slide through yet another winter blast, let’s lean over a steaming bowl of Ramen together, breathe in the goodness and warmth that makes this noodle dish so standard across the Pacific. Here are Dara’s Top 5 Ramen dishes in the Twin Cities!


There are actually two Masu locations, one in NE Minneapolis and one at the Mall of America. They have five varieties of Ramen. Dara has two favorites. The Tonkatsu Curry Ramen has a full-on fried pork cutlet on it! Can we rename it Wiener-Ramen? Also try the Pork Belly Ramen that is so rich and fulfilling you won’t call it soup. Make a trip to Nordeast or the next time you trek out to the Mall of America, skip the regular fast-food and refuel with some ramen!


Masu Sushi & Robata’s family brand restaurant, OneTwoThree Sushi, made it as number five  to the Top 5 Ramen list!


For Dara’s full report of her Top 5 Ramen list, click here.

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