Team Masu

The Heroes of Team Masu possess the bravery, dedication and sheer insanity that is required to make them the highest ranking Sushi and Robata Masters in the Universe. Each has studied under seasoned masters earning them their own strong leadership roles. They make teamwork their highest order and these guys go all the way to complete their mission successfully and efficiently.

Sushi Master

The Ruler of the Knife slices and chops with great skill and power using all muscles in his body. As the most persistent force in the galaxy, he keeps going and never gets fatigued, easily overtaking the best of the best. He has the ability to fill guests with great satisfaction and joy. Beyond that, he’s just cool.

Robata Sensei

He possesses the discipline, attitude and personal strength it takes to Rule the Fire. He has the supreme ability to control the intense flame and it is said he can make the flame burn hotter after harsh battles. He is known for snapping and hurling delectable flavors in a matter of seconds toward guests that may or may not be ready for the insane deliciousness.

Bar Master

Our Mixology Master is the Man of 2000 Skills that he uses in many ways, often with the goal of helping guests Power Up. He uses his tools and exotic ingredients in ways both ancient and revolutionary and has the ability to create powerful spells that often leave visitors wearing massive smiles at all times.

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