Happy Hour

Monday thru Friday 3-6pm

House Sake 3

Tap Beer 4

Select tap beer

Wine 5

Select wine

Shochu Gummi Sours 6


Kappa-Cucumber Maki Roll 3.5

Sake-Salmon Maki Roll 4.5

Dynamite Roll 8

Spicy Tuna 8

California Roll 7.5

Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll 13

Firecracker Roll 13.5


Tsukemono 5

Miso Soup 2.5

Fried Spring Rolls 5

Shrimp or Vegetable

Otsumami Bar Snacks 4

Okonomiyaki Tots 7.5

Pork Belly Steam Bun 2.5

One steamed bun per order

Shrimp Tempura Steam Bun 2.5

One steamed bun per order

Edamame 4

Sesame Green Beans 6


Pick any three for 8.5

Zucchini with Sweet Miso, Chicken Meatball, Eggplant with Sweet Miso, Broccoli with togarashi glaze, Pork Belly,Bacon wrapped quail egg and Chicken Thigh with Spicy Red Miso


Pork Belly Ramen 12.5

Beef Udon 12.5

Tonkatsu Curry Ramen 12.5

PBR x 2

Purchase Pork Belly Ramen & add a tall boy PBR for just 2

Reserve A Table -NE Only